29/01/2020 – RFU – Disciplinary hearing Matt Kvesic

Matt Kvesic of Exeter Chiefs appeared before an independent disciplinary panel last night. He was cited by independent citing commissioner Paul Hull following the match between Exeter Chiefs and Sale Sharks on Saturday 25 January 2020. This was for striking an opponent with the knee in the 74th minute of the match, contrary to World Rugby Law 9.12.

Kvesic contested the charge which was dismissed by the independent disciplinary panel comprising Charles Cuthbert (chair), with Leon Lloyd and Mitch Read. He is free to play again immediately.

Independent panel chair Charles Cuthbert said: “The panel heard evidence from the player while viewing the video footage. With the benefit of his explanation as to how the incident occurred, the panel concluded that the incident was accidental and not an act of foul play.

"As such the citing was dismissed and the player was free to play with immediate effect.”