05/12/2019 – Guinness PRO14 Communications – Decision of Disciplinary Process – Giammarioli (6 weeks)

Renato Giammarioli of Zebre Rugby Club faced a Disciplinary Hearing today via video conference and has been banned for six weeks.

The Disciplinary Committee met in Dublin, Ireland to consider the citing complaint against Giammarioli (No 8) which occurred in the 61st minute against Dragons on Saturday, November 30, 2019.

The Player was reported by the Citing Commissioner in charge of the Round 7 Guinness PRO14 fixture for alleged infringement of Law 9.12 – a player must not physically or verbally abuse anyone. Physical abuse includes, but is not limited to, biting, punching, contact with the eye or eye area, striking with any part of the arm (including stiff arm tackles) shoulder, head or knee(s), stamping, trampling, tipping or kicking.

The Disciplinary Committee comprising of Michael Coghlan (Chair), George Spotswood and Philip Orr (all Ireland), concluded that the Player had committed an act of foul play (biting) that warranted a low-end entry point of 12 weeks.

Due to the Player's previous clean disciplinary record, his admittance of guilt and his good conduct throughout the process, mitigation of 50 per cent was applied resulting in a six-week ban. The Player will be free to play from midnight on January 12, 2020.

The Player was reminded of his right to appeal.